Chapter 1: Best Solar Panel Angles

We are starting a new educational series for those who buy our products and/or are interested in buying them. This series is meant to inform users on the different aspects of our lights and how to use them. Please contact us for more information or questions you may have. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 Panel Angle

What’s the best direction to angle the solar panels of off-grid solar lights?

The Solar charge in a battery pack won’t last forever, the off-grid system relies on stored daylight for autonomy. Angling your solar panels properly can boost the power intake of your lights. You want to angle your solar panels at a tilt equal to the area’s latitude; you can increase the tilt 15° in the winter or decrease 15° in the summer. Certainly, it can be difficult for end-users to consistently adjust the panel as the seasons change, but from past experiences, we can help recommend a tilt that is best for your area. Having the optimal angle will maximize annual energy production. For instance, if you live in the Bay Area (North California), the home of Soltech (37° 48’15.984″N), setting your panel at a 40° angle will make for maximum energy absorption.


In Northern America, solar panels get the most optimal charge when installed facing the South.

The area will dictate the installation of the fixtures and will sometimes prevent the lights from facing south. But that’s okay! Panels facing West & East won’t get as much light as a Southern facing panels but will still collect a good amount of sunlight. A North-facing panel also works, but it will take longer to charge than any other direction. This would mean that the solar charge will be less optimal if installations are facing that way.

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