New Product Released! Mobile Solar Lighting Tower

Construction site with mobile solar lighting tower

Dirt, dust, and noise…When thinking about a construction site, the top keywords coming to your mind cannot be better than that.

In traditional construction applications, people tend to use diesel, gas, or electric generator-powered light tower for illumination.

However, with our newly designed mobile solar lighting tower TWINKO and TEMPO, SOLTECH aims to bring our customers green, clean, and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions.


Unlike other construction site lighting tower fixtures, our TWINKO has removable mast double heads for storing SOLTECH solar lighting fixtures depending on the use case. With a wider illumination area at 16 ft height, TWINKO can be assembled with SUNLIKE 20W/30W and SUNLIKE PRO, which is ideal for parking lots, construction sites, mining camps, events, roadwork, and more!

  • Aluminum mast, 4 sections, 16ft extension
  • Electrical winch 3,000lbs with the limit sensor, DC 12V
  • 4-Unit manual stabilizer legs
  • Forklift pocket, base 1m x 1m (40 in x 40 in, match with standard pallet)
  • 150 AH, 1,500W gel-battery integrated ensure 120 times lift and down autonomy, minimal 1month-1 charging cycle
  • AC 110V input plug with U.S standard
  • No engine emissions
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SOLTECH mobile solar lighting tower TEMPO is your on-the-go choice well designed for instant commercial use cases. With a greater money-saving, TEMPO is perfect for parking lots, construction sites, mining camps, events, roadwork, and more!

  • Collapsed height of 7 ft
  • Steel mast, 3 sections, 13ft maximum
  • Manual winch for up to 1500 lbs
  • 4 Manual stabilizer legs
  • SUNLIKE mounting hardware included
  • Provides a wider illumination area at 16 ft max height (including fixture)

Both TWINKO and TEMPO can be assembled with our solar products SUNLIKE 20/30W and SUNLIKE PRO. These automatic solar charging towers apply clean energy and provide bright and energy-efficient lighting.

Clean, quiet, easy deploy & move, cost-saving… SOLTECH will continue to reshape the operating environment and take care of both customers, and those on-site workers.

If you have more questions about solar LED light, please review the FAQ on our support page!

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