SOLTECH Disaster Relief Solar Lighting Product Series

Expected Blackouts Call For Solar Back Up

The Labor Day weekend brought news of the Independent System Operator announcing a statewide Stage 2 emergency, which predicted rolling blackouts throughout California. On Monday, September 7, intense heat waves threatened the regional power grid with expected power outages throughout many counties.

Luckily, the Stage 2 emergency was lifted due to energy conservation by Californian Utility consumers. Californians are being encouraged to use fewer electrical appliances to avoid the risk of increased heat on the electrical grid, resulting in more fires. 

Why Using Solar Lighting For Disaster Relief

There is little doubt that solar LED lighting is basically futuristic and here to stay. Using solar fixtures as backup power can be an ideal solution, especially during natural disasters. No need for existing infrastructure; solar lights prioritize durability and reliability.

SOLTECH Disaster Relief Solar Lighting - SUNLIKE

The SOLTECH solar light tower and base light installed with our all-in-one SUNLIKE solar fixtures require no electrical connection, so they can offer users an independent power system if the electric grid goes down. These off-grid lights run at 200Lm/W and come equipped with motion sensors and timer features to activate the light only when needed to conserve energy. These fixtures have highly reliable batteries that will store enough power to keep the light on through the night and cloudy days.

The light tower allows for mobile control and quick set up. The pole height can be adjusted as needed to fit a variety of applications. This installation ensures a stable and high lumen output for disaster relief. 

The base light functions in the same way but offers a more flexible and portable performance than the solar light tower. The SUNLIKE’s all-in-one design provides the base light an easy and quick installation, making it perfect for all on-the-go needs. 

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SOLTECH Disaster Relief Solar Lighting - SOLTAB

Our SOLTAB is used in either indoor or outdoor applications and has a double-sided solar panel to intake double the solar energy. This robust portable solar light also comes with an integrated power bank to connect any USB device in case of an emergency.  You can rely on all SOLTECH products for an easy and safe installation.

SOLTECH disaster relief product flyer

SOLTECH Lighting is a lighting specialist with 20 years of experience in solar dependent batteries, intelligent programming, and high-quality LEDs. We offer solar and on-grid LED lighting solutions and aims to improve your life quality from all aspects.

If you have more questions about solar LED light, please review the FAQ on our support page!

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