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DOT Solar Solutions

Many US states and counties’ DOT (Department of Transportation) are switching to solar. Here are the key factors that benefit DOTs when they switch to SOLTECH’s off-grid LED solar lighting solutions:

DOT Solar Benefits–Sustainability

SOLTECH’s solar products are environmentally friendly; therefore, accommodating many cities’ emphasis on energy efficiency and energy conservation. Solar power release ZERO carbon emissions during operation.

DOT Solar Benefits–Visibility

LED solar lighting are great solutions for illuminating intersections in rural areas and rest stops/stations without wired electricity access.

DOT Solar Benefits–Lower Cost

SOLTECH’s LED solar solutions does not require trenching and wiring due to its independent power source, this eliminates electrical expenditures in the future.

DOT Solar Benefits–Security

Integrated solar lighting pedestrian crosswalk(s) and Sidewalks provide enhanced visibility and security.

Main Applications

DOT-Solar-Solutions–Bus-StopCommercial solar LED lighting can be applied to bus stops/shelters to illuminate signs and provide security and safety around the space during nighttime.

DOT-Solar-Solutions–SubwaySubway and train stations require proper lighting for safety requirements. Many stations prefer a trench-free solution like solar lighting to minimize expenses.

DOT-Solar-Solutions–AirportAirport illumination often require affordable and efficient LED lighting to improve the utilities and roads around the airport.

DOT Solar Solutions–Highway Rest Stopshighway exits leading to truck rest stops are appropriate spots to retrofit old expensive lighting solutions for an affordable off-grid solar solution. Proper illumination around highway exits are crucial for truck drivers’ safety.

DOT-Solar-Solutions–BillboardA low-cost powered LED light overhead highway signs with a view to improving night visibility, especially under poor driving conditions, and enhance highway safety.

DOT-Solar-Solutions–Rural-IntersectionSolar is a viable solution for lighting up intersections and crosswalks in rural areas where wiring and trenching is expensive. It can also act as security lighting in suburban and rural communities.

DOT-Solar-Solutions–Bike pathSOLTECH’s solar products are a great choice for retrofitting lamps around sidewalks and bike paths to enhance the safety and visibility of pedestrians and bikers during the night.

DOT Solar Product Solutions–SUNLIKE


SUNLIKE solar light has an all-in-one design style combines with six different mountings, it can be install on many places where need light.



Solar heavy duty light SATELIS meets the lighting requirements of major roads and highways.



This solar-powered flashing traffic sign light—BEACON, will give advance warning to drivers on the road or in shopping centers.



CEGONIA is one of the best choices for commercial decretive solar LED lighting needs, such as park pathways, schools, urban gardens, etc.



COSMO can be used in gardens, courtyards, and landscapes as well as for extra lighting in parking lots. It also serves to brighten pathways in parks or billboards.

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