SUNLIKE vs. SUNLIKE PRO. What’s the Difference?

SUNLIKE standard and PRO compare chart

Ideal for areas such as pathways, parking lots, landscaping, parks, schools, trails, or any remote locations that have no access to on-grid power supply, the SUNLIKE and SUNLIKE PRO LED solar light both provide a great off-grid lighting solution due to their easy-installation and trench-free factor. However, how can I choose between SUNLIKE and SUNLIKE PRO as my perfect lighting solution?

SUNLIKE is ideal for most off-grid applications where the temperature will not drop to below freezing during the winter. SUNLIKE is a great option for most locations with moderate and stable temperatures throughout the year.
On the other side, SUNLIKE PRO is ideal for regions with colder climates and harsher conditions: it can overcome freezing temperatures with its unique and effective battery-heating technology. SUNLIKE PRO offers features from the standard SUNLIKE, but it provides superior performance, where it can withstand extreme temperature from -40°F to 140°F.
The entire SUNLIKE line utilizes reliable, density-packed, and highly efficient lithium iron phosphate battery as a power source. LiFePO4 batteries offers many benefits such as its enhanced safety features, greater efficiency, and ease of maintenance compared to other GEL batteries on the market.
Most lithium batteries on the market have trouble charging below freezing point due to its internal chemical reaction slowing down as external temperature drops. SUNLIKE PRO confronts this problem by utilizing a physical battery-heating system so the battery can continue charging below freezing temperatures.

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