SOLTECH SUNLIKE 30W | The City of San Bernardino Roadway Lighting

The City of San Bernardino Roadway Lighting
SOLTECH has been awarded another city project! 
The city of San Bernardino has approved the SUNLIKE 30W fixture for roadway lighting throughout the city.

Multiple streets in the city had outdated lighting fixtures. They wanted to replace the fixtures with a sustainable and efficient solar light source that would require no maintenance and would be easy to install on the city’s existing infrastructure. Many of their street poles were around 23ft tall and had mast arms 2in wide and 8ft long. Our slip fitter mounting accessory was the perfect fit!

SOLTECH sent a couple of our solar products to the city to sample, and after testing their performance, they decided on the SUNLIKE 30W. You can find the fixture officially specified in the city’s bid on their website.

SOLTECH has worked with numerous cities and is currently arranging a sample for the California Department of Transportation in Sacramento. We look forward to more city projects and are excited to complete this installation with the city of San Bernardino.
Why street lighting is important?

A bright visual environment can provide safety benefits at midblock and intersection locations and improve safety for pedestrians. People feel less safe walking in the dark — One of the reasons is it’s hard to see other road users without enough ambient light. According to an article from The Conversation, it’s 1.7 times more likely that pedestrians are hit by a vehicle at night, compared with the daytime. Street lighting also may have an effect on street crime. A brighter environment makes people feel safer while walking at night.

Below are three significant benefits of having street lighting:

  • Make Road Features to be visible
    Street lighting increases safety by making road features visible, such as road alignment, curbs, footpaths, street furniture, surface condition, other road users, and objects.
  • Reduce Night Time Crashes
    Lighting streets can help drivers to see the intersecting road, turning vehicles, traffic queues, and any other road users.
  • Increase Safty to Pedestrians
    Street lighting at pedestrian crossing locations would assist pedestrians in finding safe crossing points and detect potential night-time dangers. This measure has been shown to reduce the number of pedestrian crashes and helped to deter street crime.
What is the advantage of SUNLIKE?
  • Retrofittable & Flexible
    SUNLIKE‘s trunnion can fit both round poles (4.7 inches to 2.0 inches) and square poles (4.0 inches to 2.0 inches).
  • Adjustable
    SUNLIKE‘s trunnion can adjust the angle based on the worldwide panel angle chart’s direction. The light module is also adjustable.
  • Theft-resistant
    With traditional on-grid outdoor lighting, there have been problems with the copper wiring being stolen from underground. According to the Los Angeles Times,  Los Angeles had an issue that 700 streetlights were out due to thieves taking the wires. In contrast, SUNLIKE requires no wiring and is more challenging to steal.
  • Sustainable & Environment Friendly
    Switching to solar lighting can help reduce both the city’s carbon footprint, operating costs, and legal liability. SUNLIKE is not dependent on any electric grid. 
  • No Trenching Cost
    Compared with traditional on-grid lighting,  SOLTECH’s solar lights, the installation costs are much lower since there are no wiring and trenching needs. On the basis of the Home Advisor‘s report, the payout for digging a trench may cost up to $12 per linear foot. For a saving purpose, SUNLIKE would be a good choice for outdoor lighting.

If you have more questions about solar LED light, please review the FAQ on our support page!

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