SOLTECH Was Reported by Inside Lighting in “6 Trends In Solar Area Lighting”

We are pleased to announce that SOLTECH has been reported by Inside Lighting for our trendy Independently aim-able solar panels and LED modules

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Why SOLTECH stood out

Distributors, contractors, and specifiers have to keep up with many changes in lighting technology. One of the growing outdoor lighting categories is solar area lights

SOLTECH is a lighting expert with over 20 years of craftsmanship experience. Our designs integrate efficient solar, dependable batteries, class-leading LEDs, & intelligent programming. This allows us to provide unmatched solar lighting performance in a balanced design capable of replacing any outdoor light.

Top Trends Led by SOLTECH: Independently aim-able solar panels & LED modules

SOLTECH solar LED lights allow optimization of solar collection as well as directing light where it is most needed.  Placing the solar panel on an angle, equal to the local latitude, will maximize solar energy collection, year-round ( ).  Angling the solar panel also allows rain, wind, and gravity to naturally clean the solar panel surface.

Having the best angle will maximize annual energy production. For instance, if you live in the Bay Area of Northern California, the home of SOLTECH (37°48’15.984″N), setting your panel at a 40-degree angle will make for maximum energy consumption

We also provide a chart that reflects the suggested panel optimization shown as below:

Solar Panel Angle Guide
Top Trends Led by SOLTECH: More automated control options

Solar lights now come with a variety of pre-programmed timer options, built-in microwave motion sensor, daylight sensor, and automatic dimming of lights when the battery power gets low, to extend operating time throughout the night.

Our all-in-one solar product SUNLIKE can be the leading solar fixtures in this field. By offering 50+ hours max autonomy, SUNLIKE provides:

  • Up to 691 WH battery capacity
  • Full self-charging time less than 11 hrs
  • one-key smart programming

As much as it is important to eradicate myths surrounding the use solar LED lighting, it is also crucial to spread awareness about solar working and benefits, implement them in public places. You can set up a solar panel in your residential complex too and draw energy to light up your LEDs. However, ensure you source all the LED lights from a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

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