Today’s Customer Demands an Eco-Friendly and Convenient Lighting Solution!

Who’s Asking?

As society leans towards an environmentally conscious consensus, SOLTECH facilitates the transition by providing consumers with sustainable and autonomous exterior lighting options. Today’s distributors have shifted to hassle-free solutions as new customers rush in to find accessible off-grid solar lighting technologies. 

With safety and security in mind, SOLTECH’s Vita-line delivers user-friendly systems equipped with high-performing capabilities. Eliminating the need for wiring and trenching, SOLTECH’s Vita-line delivers an array of energy-efficient products such as SOLPAD, SOLPORT, VIOS, and NUVO.


Answering the call for essential lighting, SOLTECH’s Vita-Line offers easy-to-install and convenient, off-grid solar lighting products to customers of all kinds.

SOLPAD serves as a multifunctional floodlight with an integrated design enabling it to be one of the easiest lights to install. Compact and adaptable, this light creates a brightly lit passage ideal for multiple outdoor applications. Its long service life and low maintenance profile offer illumination for residential spaces, garages, parking lots, schools, hotels, and more.

SOLPORT solar flood light has been installed on a white building

SOLPORT, a wall pack exclusive, lends itself to driveway lighting, supplying sufficient illumination to outdoor walkways, schools, garages, and building entrances. Its functional design blocks intrusive glare supporting observers’ eye comfort, and its adjustable solar panel maximizes solar harvest with its personalized positioning.

VIOS’s sleek and intuitive design incorporates elegance and performance into one unique fixture. Providing excellent off-grid illumination, VIOS adds a decorative touch ideal for residential and walkway applications. This light is sure to enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape, simultaneously catering to its user’s lighting needs.

NUVO, a powerful security wall light, offers an easy, user-friendly installation. This dual-lens design supports a broader lighting angle and expands illumination coverage. Supported by its functional build, NUVO proves to be highly reliable and durable with an intelligent motion sensor capable of lighting the way for friends or deterring invaders.

When it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor lighting, SOLTECH is the number one trusted brand delivering autonomous technologies to the everyday consumer. While on the hunt for off-grid solar lighting, audiences worldwide refer to SOLTECH as a reliable brand providing its users with convenient and cost-effective solutions.

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